Our Mission

The buyers at Dollar Max are constantly on the hunt for unique and trendy products at affordable prices. They continuously strive to maintain product varieties that meet their customers needs, offering choices for all tastes and budgets. Their goal is to make Dollar Max the place to shop for the newest product trends in all its departments. The huge variety of items it carries at everyday low prices is what makes Dollar Max stores unlike any other dollar stores on the market.

Our Story

Established in 1989, Dollar Max was the first store in Canada that combined the concept of discount and dollar store. It currently has 7 stores in Quebec with two flagship stores of 25 000 sq.ft. The Dollar Max group employs more than 100 employees and works with over 150 suppliers. It carries over 40,000 items in stock from everyday consumer products to general household merchandise, decor, party supplies, toys, stationary, craft supplies, and seasonal items.

Throughout the years, Dollar Max has been known for being the pioneer in their industry. It was the first dollar store to use a computerized POS and inventory system. It was the first to introduce complete lines of brand name products directly from the suppliers at the dollar store level. Dollar Max was also the first discount store to incorporate balloon counters and party sections in its stores. It has paved the way for dollar stores across Quebec and continues to be the inspiration for innovative product acquisition.


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